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Shamanic Days

Shamanic Days

"I come from Costa Rica from bagaci indiginous rootstand I am an active sun dancer of the Native American Lakota tradition, a Brother of the family of the Littlebraves in South Dakota, Corn Creek reservation, as well as a fire keeper and supporter of Mexican, Lakota and South American ceremonies - including the moon dance, sweatlodges and vision quests. I have the blessing from indigenous elders of the Mexican and Lakota traditions to conduct sweat lodges. I have studied Reiki, Pranic healing , EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique ), and have also been actively working with the sound healing.


I have led people through deep meditation (based on the use of postures and sound) to access altered states of consciousness, in order to seek counsel from spirit helpers and guides. I use shamanic journeys for self-empowerement as well as deep healing of traumas and addiction. Connecting back to the old ways in which our ancestors used to walk on Mother Earth. All the answers were in nature, wind, fire, earth and water. Everything had a spirit and we lived in harmony in all our relations to others. Through the sweatlodge, creating a connection with the five elements, and a shamanic journey we can go inside ourselves and remember how to walk the life in beauty and true balance with the inside and the outside."


Programm Friday 2. September 2016, Cacao ceremony, 18:00-21:30

Introduction to Native American shamanism, ceremonies and spirit, connection between male and female energies

Explanation of the cacao ceremony


Cacao ceremony: Using the medicine of cacao and shamanic sound healing we go into a heart opener journey to heal limited beliefs patterns and stories that block us to our internal power. The connection of love through cacao heals and connects us to the heart of the sky and the heart of the earth. Brings balance and love to our selves. The ceremony is guided with didgiridoo flutes and shamanic sound. I also support the journey with an individual healing.

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Programm Friday 9. September 2016, Bear medicine ceremony, 18:00-21:30:


Introduction and explanation of the ceremonies


Bear medicine ceremony: In this chamanic journey we will use a posture to call the bear spirit to help us on healing any specific trauma limited belief or undesirable energy we do not want to carry anymore. We will start the ceremony by using sound from ancestral instruments to help raise the vibration and let go the mind before the drum beats leads us to the bear medicine.

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Workshop Information:


Dates: Friday 2. & 9. September 2016


Time : 18:00 to 21:00 | 21:30


Price per Session: 90.-


Both sessions: 170.-


Alejandro explains in English, ceremonies will be silently guided


Personal Healing Ceremonies on request from 8.-12.September, Session Duration 60 - 90 minutes, special price CHF 90.-